mYSweet Story

Thank you very much for  your interest in mYSweet story. My name is Yuliya and I am the founder and chocolate maker at mYSweet. All my life I've had a crazy sweet tooth and I used to eat lots of mass market chocolate, sweets and desserts. Then during the first lockdown in 2020 I spent a lot of time reading about superfoods, wholefoods, learnt about the nutritional value of different foods and as a result I changed my whole diet in 1 day. No, I didn't want to lose weight. My aim was to eat food that will give me energy and will make me feel good and look healthy. I knew I wouldn't stop eating chocolates, so I started to look through the ingredients of the chocolates on the supermarket shelves. Suprisingly, I couldn't find easily chocolate free from refined sugars, soya and preservatives to satisfy my sweet cravings. I started to learn how to make chocolate at home using just 3 ingredients. My journey into the world of chocolate has begun. I started to make simple chocolates using natural ingredients only.  I spent hours reading blogs and forums about chocolate, learning the difference between cacao beans from different countries, mastering the chocolate making process and discovering and practising new recipes. My family and friends all enjoyed my chocolates and I've realised that I can turn my passion into a small business and share the joy of eating healthy and delicious chocolates. 

mYSweets are handmade using ethically traded ingredients only. My products are free from refined sugars, dairy, wheat, soya lecithin and any artificial nasties.

I activate my nuts and seeds (i.e. soak and dehydrate), meaning the wonderful nutrients they possess are made more easy for the body to digest and absorb. I do not heat my chocolate above 42 degrees Celsius thus keeping all its beautiful mineral properties intact to be as nutritious and delicious as possible. As I do not use preservatives, the shelf -life of my chocolates is about 3-4 weeks and I advise my clients to keep the chocolates in the fridge to ensure they taste to their best. 

Be warned, as once you try artisan chocolates there may be no going back to mass produced confectionary.